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    • Myrna E. Amahan

      Myrna E. Amahan

      President, FY 2021-2022
      Bankers Institute of the Philippines, Inc. (BAIPHIL)

      The Members of the BAIPHIL Board, Committee Chairpersons and Advisers, to our esteemed guests, and colleagues in the profession, good day.

      To say that the BAIPHIL seven decades ago is not the same as the BAIPHIL today is something that should be expected. To say that BAIPHIL seven years ago is not the same as the BAIPHIL today is an illustration of our changing environment.

      But now we say that the BAIPHIL of today needs to be different from the BAIPHIL two or three years ago – this is an urgent call to action.

      The environment that the institutions we represent have been operating in, has totally been transformed on all fronts. Of course, there is the technological front.

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    • Hon. Felipe M. Medalla

      Hon. Felipe M. Medalla

      Governor, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

      Greetings to the new inducted Directors, Officers and Committee Chairpersons of the Bankers Institute of the Philippines, Inc. (BAIPHIL). Congratulations to the new leadership of this organization!

      Your theme, “Innovate! Train! Certify!BAIPHIL To Bring Out the Best in Banking” is both timely and relevant. The theme echoes the imporatance of adopting a culture of innovation and learning in banking. As the industry’s premier training arm, BAIPHIL is iin the best position to hep nurture this mindset.

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      Antonio C. Moncupa, Jr

      Antonio C. Moncupa, Jr

      President, Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP)

      The Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) extends its warmest greeting to the new set of officers of the Bankers Institute of the Philippines, Inc. (BAIPHIL).

      As the country pursues its development agenda to uplift the lives of Filipinos, banks will always play an essential role in providing debt capital to businesses and in serving the savings, investments, and financing needs of consumers. This, in turn, creates jobs and livelihood opportunities for our countrymen. The more efficient banking is, the brighter our economic future
      becomes. Banking becomes more efficient with well-trained bankers. And BAIPHIL is an important institution in training and continuing education.

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      Myrna E. Amahan

      Myrna E. Amahan

      President, FY 2022-2023
      Bankers Institute of the Philippines, Inc. (BAIPHIL)

      BAIPHIL anticipates a more upbeat year, with the pandemic significantly tamed, if not completely stamped out. Our increasing ability to deal with it affords us fresh energy to aim for more in what we do.

      In BAIPHIL, we take this chance to explore how we can deliver our learning programs in more persuasive ways, and ultimately, create more value for our customers. Innovation should be the way to go, and technology is key. Technology has impacted the way we do things, including the way we learn. We should continue to harness its power to make training accessible, and the learning process both engaging and fruitful.

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