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President’s Message

The new set of leaders for FY 2019 – 2020 to carry on BAIPHIL’s legacy and sustain its vision “to be the leader in pursuit of banking excellence, aiming to be one of the best in the Asia Pacific Region,” had been chosen.   We humbly accept this charge and vow to stay committed to the advocacy of good governance and capability building through continuing education, research and information exchange.

The tasks before us are in the context of BSP’s recognition of BAIPHIL as a strategic partner in bringing about key financial sector reforms, sustaining financial stability amidst waves of disruptive developments impacting bank products, processes and operations.  One such wave is driven by non-banks called FinTech companies which can offer an array of technologically-advanced financial services, from payments and settlements to lending and personal financial management, often at much less cost and more efficiency, its reach riding on the ubiquity of mobile devices.

The potential for economic growth, price stability and financial inclusion is strong, but harnessing the power of these technologies also requires a new, more forward looking approach.  It entails a   review of the legal framework, as well as outstanding traditional regulations on which governance responsibilities are anchored. 

Hence, for this term, BAIPHIL’s new Board of Directors shall be guided by the theme, Promoting Collaborative Governance for Digital Transformation and Sustainability,” as it implements its immediate projects and moves the wheel of the Institute’s five-year strategic plan.

Thank you for your warm wishes, continued support and recognition!



President, FY 2019-2020





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