Know Your Money and Counterfeit Detection


Course Outline:

Know Your Money

  1. Introduction: Basic Knowledge & Importance of Knowing our Money
  2. The BSP: As the Regulator
  3. Functions of Money
  4. What does Legal Tender Philippine Currency Means

Peso Banknotes – New Generation Currency (NGC)

  1. The NGC Series – Designs and Security Features (Made Easy);
  2. The NGC Series with Enhanced Design;
  3. The BSP Directive Regarding Clean Note Policy; and
  4. Classification of Banknotes in Circulation

The US Dollar Banknotes

  1. Type of US Dollar Banknotes;
  2. Design of US Dollar Bank Notes;
  3. Security Features of US Dollar Notes (Made Easy); and
  4. Features of Genuine and Counterfeit US Dollar Notes

Handling of Counterfeit Peso and US Dollar Banknotes:

  1. How to Handle Receipt of Counterfeit Peso and US Dollar Banknotes?
  2. What does the BSP do with Counterfeit Banknotes?
  3. What is the Penalty for Illegal Possession and Recirculation of Counterfeit Banknotes?
  4. Knowledge Check: Detection of Genuine or Counterfeit Dollar Notes


16-17 June 2021


1:00PM – 4:30PM


Training Fee:

From Member Institution – P 2,000.00 plus VAT

From Non-Member Institution – P 3,000.00 plus VAT