IT Security in Banking Operation


Course Outline:

Information Security Trends

o Cyber Attacks

o Cyber Security Updates

o Status of Cyber Security

Fundamentals of Information Security

o Evolution of Computing

o Information

o Information Security

3. Principles of Information Security

o CIA Triad

Information vs Cyber Security

o Difference of Information and Cyber Security

o Cyber Security Threat Landscape

o Threat Agents

o Malware

o Attack Types

Attack Scenarios

o SQL Injection

o Broken Authentication and Session Management

o Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

o Cross Site Scripting Request Forgery (CSRF)

o Insecure Direct Object References

o Security Misconfiguration

o Insufficient Transport Layer Protection

o Missing Function Level Access Control

o Social Engineering

o Physical Security Attacks


o Governance

o Risk Management

o Holistic Approach to Information Security – People, Process and Technology

Training Fee per Participant:

From Member Institution – P 4,480.00

From Non-Member Institution – P 6,720.00

**VAT inclusive


15-18 June 2021