Advanced Excel Training for Bankers


Course Overview:

In this training you will effectively learn how to use Excel’s data tools, formulas and visual tool to crunch business data and to build displays. The trainees will learn the advanced Excel skills that apply to creating smart adaptive Excel business tools. This will cover topics on how to create advanced logic that allows these tools to operate autonomously and adapt to changing data. It also provides an introduction to macros using VBA-Visual Basic for Application in MS Excel, fundamentals of automating frequently repeated tasks.


Course Outline:

Section 1: Advanced Data Analysis Tools

Topic B: Data Validation Techniques

Topic C: Using Data Consolidation

Topic D: Using Goal Seek

Topic E: Using the Scenario Manager

Topic F: Using Solver

Topic G: Using Advanced Filter

Topic H: Importing External Data

Topic I: Using Pivot Table

Topic J: Using Pivot Chart and the appropriate Chart Types for reporting needs.


Section 2: Advanced Formulas

Topic A: Three Types of Formula

1. Standard Formula

2. Array Formula

3. 3-D Reference Formula


Topic B: Nesting Functions


Topic C: Advance Formulas


Topic C.1: Date & Time

• Datevalue

• Edate

• Eomonth

• Networkdays

• Networkdays.i

• Ntl

• Timevalue

• Weekday

• Weeknum

• Workday

• Workday.intl


Topic C.2: Statistical

• Large

• Small

• Max

• Min

• Maxa

• Mina

• Stdev.p

• Stdev.s

• Stdeva

• Stdevpa

• Trend

• Var.p


Topic C.3: Database

• Daverage

• Dcount

• Dcounta

• Dget

• Dmax

• Dmin

• Dproduct

• Dsum

• Dstdev

• Dstdevp

• Dvar

• Dvarp


Resource Speaker:

Ms. Maria Anna Masindo

Wholebrain Training & Consultancy



13-14 February 2025

Monday – Tuesday

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Training Fee per Participant:

Member Institution – P 5,600.00

Non-Member Institution – P 7,840.00

**VAT inclusive